The main benefits and services that we offer to our customers for FREE:

  • Customer request statistics for particular keywords over a given period.
  • Highly accurate targeting. Our clients do not need to estimate "by eye" which target audience may be interested in their product. We can illustrate the approximate age and social status of target consumers, as well as how they pay and when they buy our clients' products.
  • We don't only manage budgets: we also provide direct access to the tools that are used to promote goods—from standard banner adverts to mailouts and “viral” and “partisan” marketing.
  • We will help you create the optimal design, and tell you all about the usability of your site.
  • We organise and provide high-quality address work with clients.
  • We automate all processes that can be automated.
  • We will give recommendations on product positioning and strategies for promotion in 15 countries of the European Union.

Tools that we use in working with advertisers

To achieve the greatest possible effectiveness in internet marketing, you need to make the interaction process for potential customers as intuitive and logical as it can be, and then scale the points of intersection to another audience in an analogous context, or else to the same customers but with a different message or on a different platform. Having a unique combination of tools for this interaction (communication) is a key competitive advantage for an advertising agency.

The general interest in software and technology may not allow these media to absorb the world's total advertising budget, but at the very least it teaches us to look at our inventory much more analytically than before. Contextual advertising, advertising on social media and native advertising formats are growing - especially in content projects where native advertising becomes an organic part of the material that is useful to the user. Both SEO and video advertising continue to claim their share of the advertising market. We pay attention to built-in native advertising inside the image, and to photos, quizzes, and spaces in the text and in the comments. Yes, advertising can be integrated there. And we do it.

Predictive analytics tools provide valuable information that helps telecom operators to proactively improve customer service, reduce costs, and increase profit margins. Predictive analytics also helps address customers with special offers to prevent them from leaving.

  • Tracking customer data in real time and forecasting problems with access to basic services (such as connection trouble, interrupted calls, low network bandwidth, etc.
  • Analysis of service and bandwidth consumption in individual regions helps telecom operators plan infrastructure investments.
  • Protecting customers' interests and their own profits, by detecting fraud promptly.
  • Revenue can be increased and customer service improved by tracking and analysing website clicks to determine customer' preferences and their willingness to make purchases.
  • Based on data about major social events and the movement of people throughout the day, and information about competitors, you can plan resources and develop the best offers.
  • Helps you obtain valuable information about the consumer’s purchase history, anticipate their next moves, and recommend suitable products.
  • Allows you to achieve a higher conversion rate of visitors to customers.

The figures show that it is very difficult to achieve noticeable growth in the standard formats, and we need to look for new tools: with good visibility, in the core, preferably with animation and interactive. Of course, we manage our clients' advertising budgets.

We'll help your business to become even better!